Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Im looking for a special friend who can keep a secret. I like having a great reputation of being a sweet and innocent small town girl but I have a naughty side that craves excitement and romance. I need someone who will thrill me in the sheets and keep my business quiet on the streets. Someone I can count on to be there when Im lonely in and out of the bedroom. I have a great job in Public Service with the local Government and consider myself a sucessful independent young lady who loves to let loose Just a little bit.

look`s like we`ve match on meet me` let`s make it striaght to the point what are you looking for on this site ? are you interested in meeting seriuos relationship as well and see where it goes real deal and for real skin to skin hook ups, but i`m open in any posibilities,that why i need you to verify on my own way just my protection from fake and bs guys,That`s why I have to this.. It is also for my security purposes too..

just simply click the link and register to

the site from I just found out that porn site are cheaper to do verification with and it`s for a day process for the single purposes using the site for verification purposes only dont worry about the site coz its FREE,im already pay for it and there`s no harm on signing it

NOTE :remember that you're card is secured against fraud cause the site is legit and all CC info will be kept confidential and will never be shared with anyone not even me...

so send me the 2 subscription ID ok here's my YM